Keds Champion Sneakers

Back to the Brazilian market, the brand of sneakers, Keds, founded in 1916 in Boston, has always been unanimity and reference in authenticity, quality and originality of products. So, why was the first to produce footwear with rubber soles. With bold design, cool and innovative, the brand has won fans around the world over the decades, which contributes to make it one of the leading sports brands between 1920 and 1930, used by Olympic athletes and renowned tennis players.

Back to the Brazilian market, the Keds intends to spread the phenomenon of sneaker culture, investing in the female audience of the 35 years and 17 in the marketing of products with high quality and cost effective. And, for your return to the country, the brand has chosen the model “Champion” as the main launch of the season.

Their models, always relaxed, they match perfectly with all styles of pieces, including jeans, skirts and even sportswear. comfortable and colorful, the sneakers Keds became sensation and not leave most of the cabinets via WhicheverHealth.

Today, the brand Keds bet on new models, with modern design and custom styles.Where, before, the shoes KEDS used only simple prints, with basic colors, today the brand is more modern and sophisticated, with a broad mix of products and collections by fashion designers. In 2010, as part of your new positioning, the brand announced that all your footwear line will be produced nationally in Brazil. They are initially more than 70 female models with design specially developed for the Brazilian consumer.

The sneakers (tennis shoes for the day-to-day) are feminine and will be sold in eight basic colours and in four models with more sophisticated applications, the new models are already in stores and also in Tennis shops Kipling One, scattered across the country. The company announced that back to invest around five years after ending your production. The goal now is to reposition the brand in the market, since the previous season had more popular appeal. Moderninhos prices range between $100 and $200 Shoes.