Kamila Tips: Learn How to Take Care of Your Hat

Guys talk, Bao? Who is the gang’s hat? Today I came to give some tips on how to take care of your hat, clean the right way and also how to measure your head to choose the right size.

The hats are great for use both in everyday life like in training. They protect the face from the Sun whenever I go ride or train I wear my hat.

It turns out that they’re always in contact with dust and various other nasties. To not knead or spoil the aba need to be very careful at the time of cleaning.

For the straw to tip is to use a dry flannel and a soft toothbrush to clean. Put a glass of water and neutral SOAP, with the wet tooth brush you will cleaning in small circular motions, without use of force, following the curves of the hat to avoid bending. As you are cleaning pass dry flannel, but choose one that doesn’t loosen hairs in braided straw.

It is very important that you never store your hat wet or damp to not spoil or rot.

To clean your felt hat use a flannel or soft brush dry, always gently. If your hair is dark and the tip is to use duct tape to remove. Just wind the tape on hand with the adhesive part out and go by passing the hat.

How to keep your hat

The most important tip is to take care not to bend the Cup. The right way to handle the inside of the Cup, the tabs, never for the Cup.

To keep you should not put him leaning on a surface, for this you can use the cardboard which usually comes in its box, put on the inside of the Cup, for him not to be touching directly on anything.

The best option is to use the support of hat. He’s like a coat hanger, is easy to use and your hat is hidden safely.

There is also the support for car. It comes with a suction cup to the windshield necklace, so when you are on the road you don’t have to leave the Bank and not have the danger of hitting the ceiling.

What’s the right size?

The size is measured by the size of the back of the Cup. To find out what is the perfect size for you just get a measuring tape and pass around your head, two fingers above the ear. If it works the your size is 55 cm 55.

If you don’t have a tape measure can use any string and then measure the size of the string with a ruler or measuring tape.

It is important to view also the size of tabs, not to get too big in your face. Each face shape has a perfect hat.

Like the tips? Tell us which is your favorite Hat!