Juletip: iPad with Free Engraving-Final Call for the Perfect Christmas Gift

Apple offers free engraving on iPads, so you can provide a more personalized Christmas gift for someone you care about.

Apple makes it easy to shop for Christmas gifts, and at the same time add a personal puff that makes the gift completely perfect for someone you care about.

At the Apple Store to buy iPads for Christmas gift, and get free personal engraving in the bargain. Dig no may be spread over two lines, and you enter even the text that you want on the Web shop.

Right now illuminates the Apple that the processing time is 5-7 working days for the iPad without engraving, while the iPad with engraving may have longer delivery times. Therefore, you should not wait too long, if you want to give an iPad with engraving for Christmas.

Apple rounds Christmas offer of that offer wrapping for 35 bucks, but so is the package also ready to put under the tree, when you have filled in the supplied to-and frakort.