Joyn Finally Arrives to Movistar

The world of instant messaging supported by operators is changing rapidly. Yesterday I already had the filtration of YOUR ME, the alternative to WhatsApp promoted by Telefonica Movistar, which works on any carrier. This app was made as opposed to Joyn, which was only available in Spain by Vodafone until today.

Finally the drivers of Joyn have admitted to Telefónica the power to use the system with your operator terminals, leaving us waiting to know if Telstra and the Spanish MVNO’s can use it. For the uninitiated, it’s the alternative to WhatsApp promoted by a consortium of operators, but it keeps some key differences.

What most distinguishes the app is to increase the security and privacy and that their future passes by be used for all types of services, such as video conferencing, SMS premium or even the service default call of smartphones. Although it hurts many people, although not much trust operators, give me more confidence their servers to WhatsApp, where it is not unusual to see delays and news items about the lack of security of the application.