John Galliano Returns to Break Schemes in the Parade

Today the parade has taken place spring-summer 2016 of the Maison Margiela. I confess that he hoped this parade with a lot of anticipation, as I was of that believed to foot juntillas that John Galliano was a true genius who had had a bad afternoon. However, having seen images of this parade, what you want to tell you, I’ve been a big disappointment, and has given me for thinking that in Dior should have people on your computer which reinterpreted his brilliance, to make them more than this world.

The vision of John Galliano for the next summer season is a kind of Ode to the consumerism of Vanguard, inspired by strange and eclectic energies that come from Asia trying to adapt them to a rather bizarre lady look for distinguished and modern muses. To say something, because it cost me a lot to describe this trend with clear allusions to androgyny.

So much so that to endorse the idea, he has not hesitated to make paraded male models who look like women without breast. Although, in honor of the truth, and regardless of which life is pure theatre, if we get them some context proposals they are quite Wearable. What is today, the only thing really important and essential. Do not you think?

It is as if Galliano wanted to shake us a little, giving to the fret with our articulated wardrobes. So, if to do so you have to do a lot of inflections, as welcome are. Because if there is something in which Galliano has always excelled, is in that his peculiar gift at the time of riding stories or tell storytellings which initially left perplexed, but end up understanding and admiring with the years.

I notice that I digress much, but it is to see how I explain that on the catwalk you could see Japanese-inspired kimonos full of colorful accesorizados at the height of the chest with braid laces just missing that a gallon at the end or subjects to the neck forming straps strangers, that seemed to tie those sailors knotting at the time of berthing vessels.

They were also eight jumpers cream v-neck peak, which seemed that they had started the combined sleeves with fishnets that so they will not climb had been fastened with plastic film that we use to protect food.

And then, without coming to the point, a few French manga abriguitos inspired New Look to break all the schemes. Without a doubt, another colpo di scena to the style of John Galliano.

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