Jewelry Trends 2016 Spring Summer

Following the sampling of previous seasons, we as jewelry trends 2016 some classic pieces of the past. We may have never lived a fashionable time as nostalgic as now, with return decades of success behind parts. The best example is the new pearl earring on the agenda, with a pearl on the front and one in the back. Classic of the classics, especially the 20s, he comes back with everything!

One of the big bets of jewelry stores for fashion in 2015 is with the religious fashion.

Although we are a secular country, here the use of scapulars goes very in and now and then we have a rise in production. The walking with extreme production for these months are the long-thirds to use as necklace and earrings cross. Gold and silver go up, without many gems when it comes to religious accessories. They serve both for the day and for the night.

Colors and Styles in Jewelry Trends 2016

Once again we have on the scene of the fashion bracelets with prints.

And you remember the bracelets with different pendants to mount the store? Each of a different knack your choice? They are fashionable again on 3rjewelry! In the 90s we had a strong high of bracelets with various pendants, again in the early 2000s and now again as a simple bet to use on a daily basis. Although silver always fall well, the bet is now the gold to the glamour to introduce accessories. The use of five or six pendants circling the same bracelet is your best bet.

The Indian style also back slightly. Nothing of many colors, but the use of colored gems in maxi necklaces and bracelets wider maximum triple is walking in shops and appeared in shows. Stand still with colored stones in one piece or different colors of diamond, as blue stone, red, green. Especially the lighter blue in whatever type of stone, super bet for earrings and necklaces.

Tips 2016 Jewelry Trends to Invest

Earrings unit can still be used in fashion, but only in social events.

On the day the use of a long and a short earring leaves the scene, but amazingly back at weddings and parties with long dress. To use the best will always be with long hair and a small play on the other side.

Strips earrings go high and are a good tip for long hair and social parties. Stay with the median models, the maximum length to the middle of the neck and with a stone on top to match better with the new trends. Bet on combinations of straps and pearls as well.