Jewelry in Trend 2016

Be informed and follow the latest fashion trends of spring/summer 2016 is very important if you want to keep up with the issues and also, in particular, achieve exclusive and glamorous look. But at a time wasn’t enough, or rather you have to do well also with all accessories coolest dress season ranging co-ordinate, the new must-have of the moment and being able to create a personal and unique outfit.

We have already had a look at some accessories you can’t miss, the most glamorous shoes still bags have at any cost, but there are other supplements that you have to calibrate and add to our outfit. What are they? Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings! Yes, in this article we talk about some new trends bijoux spring/summer 2016, so as to be clear about the most irresistible gleaming precious picture of the moment.

Shining trends

Before I go into detail and find out which of these pieces cannot miss, we want a moment to tell you about new trends. If you were to stumble upon bijoux with fringed let them in, because these will be the real must-have of the season. The same is also true for those from ethnic touch and home but also various valuable enriched with stones from the brilliant tints and mix between them will have a role.

Rings and bracelets cool

First we dress hands and wrists with bijoux nicer than this season. Among the models of fashion trend for spring/summer 2016 we point out first of all the ethnic-style rings. What are? Usually have a special working in relief, complete with antique finish and are also quite large, sometimes embellished with colored stones.

Among the bracelets, instead, there are brilliant and delicious complements that stand out. One of the most innovative of the moment is the fringed spring/summer 2016 bracelets and charms pendants, to wear during most special occasions. If you want something to wear every day choose instead of leather, double tour bracelet or cuff.

Captive necklaces and earrings

And now we come to the necklaces, every woman should always have in your drawer. There are many templates but those statement — collier important and oversized, totally changing the face even the most basic of t-shirts are to be preferred. If you manage to find it, and surely will, some ethnic-inspired Egyptian model then you will be riding.

Romantic earrings spring/summer 2016 there are so many beautiful creations of trend but they are mostly those with fringe, usually solid color, to be the boss, along with those embellished with stones, real or fake, bright colors and contrast.

Here, then, revealed the new jewelry trends spring/summer 2016: which do you prefer?