Jewelry for Men in History

Jewelry for men are a very sensitive subject, I state now, but I think it’s time to face it because I get to see things that humans cannot understand and I’m not going to be considered an accomplice, even just with my silence about it.

Jewelry for man in history

In fact, at the beginning of the Goldsmith jewelry for men were used to distinguish the authority, the military virtues, courage and power. Unbelievable but true, until the 18th century there was a clear distinction between jewelry for women and men because they were worn by both with the same vanity.
Wanting to delve into history, jewelry for men have played a great importance in different periods and past civilizations: from Renaissance Humanism, the tsars ‘ 700 to 18th-century English Lords. Yes: the luxury for a man expressed himself not only through her clothes, but also with the Pearl Jewelry, gemstones and diamonds to wear.

The modern conception of the jewelry for men

Returning to the present, you may have noticed that it happens very often to see men who believe they live in the past and they wear with inexplicable nonchalance pearls, diamonds and colored stones. Not to mention the amount of metal that bring on. But let us not speak of incomprehensible mode launch on TV that have little to do with jewels and with the rules of etiquette for jewelry.

I think the jewelry for men may be construed as real look accessories, functional to make it more elegant, chic or even simply symptomatic of personality, as well as original and tasteful means.

Needless to say, if a woman can feel good (in some circumstances and with certain looks, mind you!) a showy jewelry, men’s jewelry, the first rule is that it must be discrete, nay discretissimi.

It’s a couple of twins or button covers, a bracelet or other, however should not be too obvious. Jewelry for man must be a particular attracts the viewer’s attention, and if it happens is not good nor right thing.

A special mention goes to theclock, always the only gem serving to embellish a man.

Men’s Jewelry Gifts

The occasions when giving away a jewel to a man out there, from Christmas to birthdays, anniversary promotions. But the question is always the same: what customers buy??

When it comes to men’s jewelry we talk about details, but it is the details that make the elegance of a man that knows how to choose makes all the difference. So, Let’s clarify our ideas together, at least in general terms, then if you need a specific idea just call me and I answer the call!

As you already know, the men’s accessory par excellence is and will always be the clock, there is something for all tastes and budgets, I so far I’ve commented some brands (Cartier, Chopard, Longines, Locman, Montblanc, Omega, Tudor and Jaeger LeCoultre), but I will try to cover all the historical brand of watchmaking.

That said, in jewelry you can find other interesting proposals for a gift for men. Sang de profundis of theei-was-famous tie clips (although I do not rule out the possibility that he can go back into vogue shortly), gain position keychains and remain functional money clip.

Another evergreen is the men’s bracelet, even here the choice is multiple but I must observe that a ongoing trend is to add more bracelets of genres and different materials. Behold, If already for women have a certain reluctance for the multiplication of wrist bracelets and trinkets for the effect, imagine how little men find this practice. In recent years, there is also widespread among men fashion wear thin tennis bracelets with tiny black or white diamonds. Personally i love the delicate and fine, but because they are tennis bracelets I consider them mainly feminine jewelry.

The twins and the button covers

A small separate discussion i’m doing it for the twins, who are usually associated with elegant occasions: a cocktail party, a gala or a big dinner. Certain outrageously sporty look, they would have to scramble, but when a young line and consider them essential also perfect for a young casual or ordinary work day.

Many underestimate, then a convenience button covers that can be used with any shirtand go to cover just cuff buttons. I find them a chic and practical solution, which can be used in casual attire.

As a matter of elegance when they are taken with the twins-jacket or button covers-must always a bit going out and being seen, which is why the shirt should always be one centimeter longer than the jacket.

But nothing precludes that can also be worn without a jacket and maybe even with jeans, in this case choosing them with a very basic design and young.

If they’re not twins or button covers in twins or button covers in gold -very chic white and pink gold, more traditional yellow-or in silver, as stones for men would fine mother of Pearl, Onyx and lapis lazuli.

I’d avoid colored gemstones and pearl jewelry –except the Blue sapphires perhaps- and if you want to wear something colorful I would opt rather for twins/enameled button covers,although they are a bit more delicate.

Male styles of reference

Let’s face it: If your model of jewels for men are the chain necklaces by Mr. T in the a-team, the diamond earrings by Mario Balotelli, the piercing of Fang or large rings ofJohnny Depp, it is clear that this is not just reading for you.

Nice knowing you but we men’s styles-and elegance-different and our paths diverge here. For you Miss Italy ends here!

If, on the other hand, consider the timeless elegance of Cary Grant or James Bond look (both version Pierce Brosnam that Daniel Craig),llora we can become great friends and will be back soon to suggest any tips for the next Christmas shopping !