Jeans Fashion Summer

The jeans is the wildcard play that goes with everything and with all occasions depends only on the style and cut in addition is always high in all seasons.Democratic, versatile and play everyday. Serves for the night and the day. For men and women.

Don’t know what to wear in the spring summer 2010? wear a pair of jeans! You just need to know which jeans are fashionable spring summer 2010.

In summer fashion 2010, the jeans wins a “shower of enlightenment” and is clearer, in concomitance with the light of summer. The neutral presented on the runway of the São Paulo Fashion Week and Rio Fashion Week contaminates the fashion of jeans.

The jeans, following this trend, coming in lighter shades worn and old. Used, worn and battered this is the face of the 2010 fashion summer jeans. The jeans will light blue to almost white. Washed jeans!

The jeans undergoes numerous processes to ensure an effect of stained, threadbare, worn, torn … The jeans “old boy” tries to retrieve the “vintage style” toweling “as can be seen in the collection D & G, for example. The Cavalera showed interesting things in SPFW. I saw some pants of the TNG and I liked it a lot too.

The great detail of the jeans is being ripped. May have a torn only to add a detail in pants or appears full of torn, for all your extension. The white shirt and the pants never fell so good together!

The gray color (of course) that was fashionable winter 2009, continues in summer 2010 and WINS stains and worn atmosphere.

The models were already being used (skinny, straight cut), continue. The capri pants give the guys in this fashion 2010 shyly.

The jeans “of time” this summer is the boyfriend trousers (pants “boyfriend”). This style of pants have inspiration, features wider modeling, cut straighter. The person uses one, two or three sizes bigger than your usual number. Some people say just get the boyfriend’s pants! She’s tight with a belt and gets softer, wider in the body.In General, women using this type of pants “lose” the curves of the body. These pants have an alternate style, stripped.