Jason Freeny and Pop-Surrealist Sculptures Toys

The crisis sharpens. It was the happy accident of ‘artist Jason Freeny, re-inventatosi as sculptor after losing the industrial designer working in the United States Maryland. Today we present his pop-surrealist works- perhaps a little ‘to the disturbing limits-showing cheap toys most famous and known sectioned with skeletons and entrails out.

From Mickey Mouse to Barbie Lego men passing by to the main characters of Monsters, Inc., or the little fish Nemo Pixar, there is no toy or fictional character that does not reveal to Jason Freeny hidden interiority made ​​of bones and internal organs. The design of the exterior toys remains unchanged, while the interior is imagined, carved and carried out by Jason Freeny.

Was it the work of his father sculptor to call him the artistic spark, the fact is that today this father of two has made pop carving his full-time profession. Each work of sculpture requires Jason Freeny a work that goes from one month to six weeks to draw the skeleton and carve it in polyurethane foam with carving tools and dental equipment (ah the artistic inspiration!)

The first auction on Ebay where Jason Freeny sold one of his works at $ 50 for burning a bell on the value that his creations could have on the market, so much so that today his “toys” are quoted at around $ 17,000 and some characters are marketed and mass produced, as the skeletons and entrails of the famous Gummi Bear or ultimately, as announced by the Freeny on his Facebook page, will begin production of the dog skeleton made ​​with colored balloons.

Terrifying and reassuring at the same time, the sculptures of Jason Freeny show the hidden side of the toys, what lies below the fellow favorite games by children and adults today in childhood memories. The talent of Jason Freeny does not seem to stop at the world of toys, his sculpture project currently underway involves the ribbon figure of Möbius as documented in the work-in-progress on his Facebook page.

You would love to have one of the pop-surrealist sculptures by Jason Freeny living room or bedroom? Well, given the prohibitive prices of his creations you can always fall back on one of his illustrated books listed on his site Moistproduction , with photos and renderings of his sculptures as a Plastic Surgeon, so already the title ( “plastic surgeon”) deserves absolute confidence.

What do you say, would you see good left open on the table in the living room or in the consoleinput?