James Leifert Reveals PSN ID on Twitter

The time beings inhabitants of the magical world is gone- TV were completely inaccessible to the public. With social networks, we have seen more are artists, journalists and politicians – as the presidential candidates – using the web to maintain a dialogue with your audience (and campaigning, of course).

Have you had the case of actor giving phone number, among other things, but the presenter James Leifert innovated to inform their followers to ID a great multiplayer network.

The journalist, who presents the issue of Globo Esporte to São Paulo, is known to introduce guidelines related to video games in the news program. And it’s not where it ends the involvement of James with the games. He once said he has waiter who asks for your ID in multiplayer networks, but the first time he opened this information for any follower.

It was on Twitter, through the account @TiagoLeifert (properly verified), James warned that what your PSN ID on the PlayStation Network. So note here: if you want to play online games with the host, simply add the Ticolino user and start gambling.

But be warned: Leifert takes to authorize new friends because it laziness. It was he himself admitted.