iTunes Match Finally Ready for Danes

After long wait can Danish iTunes users get access to their entire music collection in the cloud with iTunes Match

What is Match
ITunes Match is the way you can get access to your entire iTunes music collection from the cloud.

Buy you access will Apple so scan your collection, and match it with music from iTunes

Pirate version, there is also room for
It also applies to all music, including it as you’ve ripped from CDs or downloaded from the Web.

You have the opportunity, to have improved the quality of the rings copy you for years have stacked together as your personal library.

The Danish prices on iTunes Match is 249 kr/year. There is therefore a service that matches your current collection, and therefore does not provide free access to additional music.

iTunes in the Cloud
Do you buy music from iTunes will “iTunes in the Cloud” feature now automatically transfer your purchases for all your iOS devices, as we already have been able to with movies and apps.

This presupposes, however, that you, on your iOS devices, enable automatic downloading of music under:
-iTunes & App Store

Would you like further info about iTunes Match, you can find it on the Apple website here.