Isabel Marant Spring/Summer

I am not going to be objective. I am sorry, but I can’t. And neither I’m going to come with technicalities nonsense about the aesthetic of Isabel Marant, its beginnings, its origins and so that people like you write but that in the end no one ends up understanding. I am going to talk about you to you, from colleague to colleague more plain, simple and straightforward fashion: the collection spring-summer 2014 I have blown away ultra. As they do each and every one of the presents, but he is grateful to be able to see a parade and think wow! It would put me exactly everything without exception and without changing anything pattern.

The more urbanites collections they come from the hand of the French with chic dresses, simple Bermuda and long lace to create a delicate but sport combination. Come and see, all blind signature going to start drooling.

Total white look

If we speak of summer can not imagine with total looks in white color While gilded our skin in the Sun. Nothing new or original but that, if something works and love for what you are going to change?

Life in black is also cool

I just love the looks in black. I cannot find that it depressed, nor be a Gothic or boring color. All to the contrary, I want to get the positive part of this hue and I ensalzo what’s classic, elegant and perfect. And these looks are.

For the romantic

If we talk about French chic can not of name the tone nude, powdered, romantic and makeup. Many names for a same key than a le gives a sweet and perfect touch.

A little stamping does not hurt

How are prints of? Isabel Marant? They are the milk! and every year the firms try to you copy what designs, so I know that this floral print you will go around the world.

The classic black and white

Black and white always make us be perfect and more if we combine this couple with male and female garments at the same time. Some mixtures that they can only get results: impeccable looks.


And for those who they get tired of the White, black or pink bat, now can you imagine their sunny days in shades of blue.

Care companies low-cost and creators of clones: I want already! the flat sandals with studs. Are of vital importance for my next summer, truth.