Isabel Marant Spring/Summer: a Few Steps for Having Style

What feel like I had that came this time! They say that what is good is and is not for less: on Friday the French designer Isabel Marant presented its collection spring-summer 2013. Yuhuuuu! Who reads me adsiduamante Yes, know what I feel in all your clothes, so I can not do nothing but rejoice and give thanks to Heaven (and the dressmaker) by creating parts: urbanites, wearable and stylish.

And is that this firm is such a time seen the proposals in the Gateway them can take and mold your day to day. There is no suitable dresses only for red carpet. Or garments that leave the air so much meat that go out with them would be considered an act of nudist.

No, everything that you see in these images could use it during the season. Hopefully! And it is that you for the time coming, patterns are presented to us in black and white with red accents. DI-VI-US.

How to succeed as a girl Marant? Teach leg. The mini-dresses and mono shorts are a constant in each of their collections, and make the girl who takes them feel sexy and beautiful girl At the same time.

And there is always a garment which removes you sleep and you want it yes or Yes. I happened to me with a kind of blouse with tropical print showing the title: Hawaii. I’d like it. In my closet. Already.

Can you overdo it (I don’t think so) but as always, this designer creates clothing that later they will be cloned and copied in all low-cost. By the way you think his sandals?