Isabel Marant Fall-Winter: You Be Eternally Grateful for Designs!

You know that I am a hopeless love of the French designer Isabel Marant. I noticed it years ago to present urban more collections and wearable, and since then the love that I feel for her is growing each time that it presents a new collection. I always have the same feeling (or process) and so:

  • Look at the collection and I think that This year there is no to both.
  • I begin to edit images and each time you I find more hook its proposals.
  • Once I get to write the post I’m already totally in love.

It has happened (new) this time, and I’m girl of traditions or routines. Certain it is that nothing has to do with previous years with their navajo print pants or your air country or Hawaiian. They are smooth proposals in white or black, but with a savoir faire of beater more.

As we already are seeing in all collections which we have been presenting, white and black are the absolute protagonists. This collection what you liked most (which at the beginning was what made me doubt) has been all their smooth clothes that first instance seems to not have anything. But if you look well they are worked more with folds, fabrics and details. Although their clothing with studs have also been its strong point, and the firms low-cost insurance that rush to clone.

How could it be otherwise, the tight mini-dresses the body have been present (is something that does not fail in the signature), and this time the mixture (again) of black and white It has been the absolute Queen.

She’s the one

And it is that she is single, and dress up as a woman She likes to dress up. That’s part of his charm, his clothes designing it because he likes, and proves it wearing her own at all hours. A designer should be able to bring what he proposes, because many seem to want to ridicule the woman. And yesterday, your new shoe with platform version integrated already conquered me…

What did you think?