Is Houndstooth in Style

Houndstooth is the most chic plot ever in the textile and fashionable world. And challenge by getting great class, the invasion of studs and accessories rock from the soul.
Fall 2012 season of studs, rock chic nails, tortoiseshell glasses and sophisticated nude makeup, then how could miss the plot (tailoring, of course) most chic among existing ones?
What are we talking about? But the pied de poule , literally crow’s feet  because the texture vaguely reminiscent of the paw of a cheery chicken.

By bon ton coat the miniskirt, the hat to the bag until we get to the shoes we can really find everything on the market of this fantasy so versatile and so declinable in a thousand different ways.

We start with the coat which can also act as a total look and monopolize the attention as Miss Paltrow wearing teaches us to Lady Stella McCartney!

But houndstooth can also be brought in a less demanding and then it would be ideal a skirt: mini for younger, classical or even with a big ruffles to match with black tights and biker boots.
The career woman , instead , you could also opt for a pencil skirt that with the right accessories can certainly be formal but fun: just a white shirt, open wool cardigan forward and a socket not very high and that’s it.
but there are also those who as Lady Gaga , Simona Ventura and Kim Kardashian has decided to show off the houndstooth eccentrically and particularly by choosing a Salvatore Ferragamo dress . Who does not want to exceed, but still wants to be fashionable can bet on accessories that can be used to revitalize a LBD (little black dress) or any total black look.

And ‘ always Ferragamo to propose a cleavage pointy beloved by overseas star and that is irresistible blacks pants paired with a masculine edge, hyper sexy and feminine.
Finally, why not make even a simple black coat glamorous feature of houndstooth gloves?

Accessories are many and possible look almost infinite, and we have to buy our boss houndstooth and decide how to mix it.