Intimissimi Spring Collection

Intimissimi Fall / Winter dares and is exposed with an allure collection bondage: leather and lace very hot. Stuff for Women wants to know you hearing your opinions. Sexy or hard?

I had seen the fall / winter collection Intimissimi catalog on last month and had seemed the “usual” collection with the hallmarks of the brand. Last week I found myself then enter one of the stores, and I opened my eyes.

In particular, my attention has been kidnapped by two strands of the collection: the capsule collection in leather and lace that. The first is composed of a series of garments, including briefs and mini-corsets, black leather lamb. Minimal bras for larger cuts that leave too much or too little to the imagination. The “Black Collection” , perhaps inspired by the erotic bestseller of the moment “50 shades of gray,” definitely has a bondage mood. I can assure you that to see it live is very strong and definitely fits more to the most transgressive and aggressive women . Nothing short soft.

” Sexy Luxury ” instead is a line that features more traditional materials but it is no less bold than the first. The password in this case is the lace . Heads composed entirely of this material (always strictly blacks) and characterized by straps that wrap in many parts of the torso, as if to create geometric forms of skin on the female body.

The strongest leader of this strand of the collection is, without a doubt, the complete underwear bra / panties made a whole by a satin strap that separates the breast, continues through the whole belly and then get lost on the flanks. Surely effect.

This time my article is not intended as an advice or to inform you of this, the autumn / winter collection Topbbacolleges is in stores now for a month and definitely the most you’ll have at least glimpsed. What interests me is to know the opinions, tastes and secrets, so to speak, of women because it is true that the lingerie is designed basically for when you are not sleeping alone but it is always important to follow what has been.  a comfortable feeling there is always earned, in any situation.