Intimate Luxury

Fearful of not letting the relationship cool, many partners find unusual alternatives to spice up bed life. One of the bold ways is to depilate pubic hair in the shape of heart, star, Playboy bunny or the partner’s initial. These formats are among the most sought after in beauty salons and aesthetics. The pubic hair is removed according to the design chosen and colored according to the taste of the client.

According to esthetician Aline Fraga of Pierre Alexander Beauty Clinic and Beauty Institute, Belo Horizonte, less shy customers request, in addition to the drawings, application of rhinestones and tincture in the hair. First discolor the hairs carefully, protecting the vagina from the chic lingerie. Then apply the intima tincture, you can choose the colors red, blue, or even blonde. The coloring is done with special dye and fades in some washes – remembering that the application of tincture can only be made in the upper part of the pubis.

Trader Marina Candida, 26, experimented with decorative hair removal and confesses that she always wanted to do it, but only took courage after a conversation on the subject with her beautician. “I drew the letter ‘R’, the initial of my boyfriend’s name. He loved it. It was such a success that I’m already thinking about the next drawing. We have been dating for four years and I see how important it is for us to dare for the relationship not to fall into sameness, “enthuses Marina.

And for next Saturday (June 12), requests for an intimate surprise for their boyfriends are in full swing. “Our expectation is that the demand for the service will increase 200% for the next Valentine’s Day,” says the beautician.


For hair removal to be performed, hairs must be grown. The pain is the same as a regular hair removal. Incidentally, all the care for intimate hair removal is the same as a traditional hair removal: wearing a mask and gloves to avoid contact with the client’s skin, the temperature of the hot wax adjusted to prevent burns. And always ask to use disposable waxes.

Artistic hair removal, just like normal, lasts about 20 days and is contraindicated for people with allergy to wax or with very sensitive skin. The cost of drawings in the female pubis is from $ 20, depending on the aesthetic clinic, used wax and models requested.