Internet Is Slow Today, Yes, But It Is Not The Fault of Your ISP

Interneeeeeeeee! (Enjuto Mojamuto in “The worst day of my life”)

If you take a while on the Internet this morning, you’ve seen that some web pages not linked is not loaded. At first might seem a problem from your operator, but until you call them to complain, expected better: is not the fault of your ISP, but Internet globally it is failing. More specifically, Level3 seems to be having problems.

Level3 is, to put it in some way, an operator of high level dedicated to interconnect other operators. As you you connect to your carrier (Movistar, Vodafone or whoever) and loads a page, the operator not takes you to it if it is not directly available, but uses other providers for the global interconnection, which fall into the Tier 1 category and that are connected to each other. They are like a kind of operators operators. Level3 is one of them, although there are several more.

Internet scheme with the different Tier. Level3 is a Tier 1

What is wrong exactly?

But why it is failing Level3? Actually it was not only his fault, but it all seems to indicate that Telekom Malaysia, a local operator in Asia, “has bundled Brown” in some part of their configuration and began to filter routes to Level3, which did not have adequate protections to prevent that a case be given so.

Malasian Telekom (AS4788) has stolen routes and Level3 (AS3549) what he has done is really OK, spread and perpetuate the same.

— Sharker (@Sharker) June 12, 2015

Then the shit has really been double. On the one hand TM has made theft of routes, and Level3 did not have filters on their main routers.

— Sharker (@Sharker) June 12, 2015

It has given them as valid, stolen routes, it has spread them and has perpetuated them. Leaving these as valid routes.

— Sharker (@Sharker) June 12, 2015

Hence, Level3 has had to play again stolen routes to get them back in order.

— Sharker (@Sharker) June 12, 2015

Internet suffers around the world

These problems have led to some pages they have been almost inaccessible to the world. In my personal case, Flickr has spent all morning working intermittently, although there are complaints that other services such as PSN, Xbox Live, Twitch, and others also have been reporting access problems during the last hours.

Yes, if you had doubts, this example already you can see that whatever an operator on the other side of the world can influence this way in the stability of the Internet globally. In theory, and according to Level3 explains, the problem is already isolated and they are working on it, so little by little is already everything returning to normal.