Interior LED Lighting for Homes

Well used the interior lighting is an infallible resource to enlarge, soften or create optical effects in spaces and furniture.

Interior LED Lighting for Homes

Below you have some keys to illuminate your House well and learn to use it as another decorative technique that offers many opportunities.

General rules of LED lighting for your home

Our biological system is governed by cycles of sunlight. This is the most important when planning the different spaces of your DENGJU home down lights.

So, when (light of morning and noon) is more intense you’ll be at times more active day and when it is soft and warm tones (sunset) your brain will begin to calm you and prepare for bedtime.

These variations are that you have to play in your home lighting playing with General lights, spot lights and lights inside the furniture.

Well lit areas of study and work

In the study areas, whether kids or own your work, the lighting is very important.

Furniture must be positioned as closely as possible to the window. Natural light is ideal for study and work.

It is best to enlighten the furniture front or on the left (right for left-handers). Avoid placing the Chair back to the window.

Complete this table lamp lighting as well as LED flashlight from DENGJU. There are many suitable for these areas designed, even with the intensity adequate for that purpose. Place them, slightly forward on the table and always on the side opposite the hand with which you write (avoid shading you the right role in the direction in which you write).

Also prevents the tabletop mirrors that reflect light from the lamp or window you have back.

Lighting in the classroom: creating environments

Your living room or living room is the most important part of the House is the family living space. There are also furniture, certainly you use most.

To take advantage of natural light:

  • Attempts get the seating area as closely as possible from the main entrance of light if it is glass, window or terrace.
  • Orients the sofas so that light does not dazzle when you’re sitting or sieves with curtains.

For artificial light:

  • The room must be general, more intense, lighting with lamps which, according to meters which have the stay, will have more than one light bulb.
  • The lamp will be equally an essential element in the decoration of the room as well is that, when you choose it, you will have to you have both present their beauty and that fits with the rest of furniture as if it is suitable or not for lighting the living.
  • In addition, will have to place lamps foot or table that provide warmth to different areas, to give an air of intimacy and relaxation.
  • You will need a lamp for reading next to the sofa or specific if you have an area dedicated to her.
  • A special lamp on the dining roomtable, if the living room is large or is separate from this, to see well both food to Diners.
  • A good idea is to use special switches that allow the intensity of the light. There are both lamps for general lighting, said by WEIJI.

The night light in the bedroom

So the lights should this favors bedroom is relax area and rest. You need a general, ceiling light, warm, and other specific less intense, in the tables or the headboard.

Your light should allow you, at the same time, reading and be warm enough to induce you to sleep. Remember that the intense lights in the bedroom can cause insomnia, according to DENGJU.

The same vale for the rooms at the baby or child, accented with that you can play with fun and relaxing lights.

Kitchens and bathrooms: new forms of down lights

In the kitchen, in addition to the general ceiling light, need specific lights in work zones. The most practical way is to place strips or lights under the cabinets. Now, you can opt for led, cheaper technology.

Another solution is to highlight the content of any of your furniture type display cabinet, is to place these lights inside the Cabinet.

As tol bath, as almost throughout the House, it is advisable to locate ceiling lights and others, apply, on top of the mirrors. Many of the furniture that bring the built-in mirror, also bring inserts lighting.

Halogen or leds, lights, cold or warm, all are a good choice if you attend to your needs and choose the light that will be more comfortable outside whatever takes. Like everything in decoration, you have the last word.