Intelligent Watch Works with User Body Heat

Have you ever thought about having a device that doesn’t need to be loaded? It is what they want the creators of Power watch, an intelligent watch that uses the human pulse of the user’s wrist to work.

How does it work?

The product uses the concept of a thermoelectric generator circuit to work. This means that it requires a steady source of heat on one side and asks the other to remain cold. The difference in temperature between the two parts is the reason why the technology works so well on a clock.

The human body works all the time to keep its temperature at about 37 °c, outside the heat, which is absorbed by the Power watch during use. The device counts with Heatsinks on the other side, which causes the project to work perfectly.

The heat is converted to energy and ensures the functioning of the intelligent timepiece in all its functions. When it is not in use, the appliance enters a kind of airplane mode to save energy, being fed by an internal battery. This ensures that it maintains updated date and time.


As you can imagine, the specs of Powerwatch are not as powerful as those of the industry leaders. The device connects to the smart phone via Bluetooth, but does not offer notifications. It can function as an activity tracker and, according to developers, ensures accurately how many calories the user has burnt during practice.

The project is available for collective funding in Indiegogo by from $ $170. Deliveries must commence in July 2017. Learn MORE: