Intelligent Watch for Visually Impaired Will Have Braille Display

The smart Dot clock will be the world’s first with Braille reading for visually impaired users. The gadget, released on Monday (3), Seve like smart watch, fitness bracelet and even as reader of e-books. Developed by researchers from a startup from South Korea, Dot has as one of the aims to search for social inclusion with a specific device.

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The watch has Bluetooth 4.0, alarm, functions to send on line messaging and navigation features. The Dot design is compact, rubbery and comes in black or white. It offers a rectangular screen in Braille in front: the reliefs are changed for each function, which allows reading. Already the battery promises to last up to 10 hours of use.

The group with ten developers of Dotincorp added support for e-books, to make the gadget more complete: the visually impaired can read anywhere, in a practical way. One of the challenges of researchers is that among 285 million of the visually impaired, 95% still does not know how to read Braille.

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In the United States, the National Blind Federation estimates that only 10% of the visually impaired can read the Braille. Studies in the UK indicate that this number drops to only 1%. This happens because of the lack of investment in this market, since only 1% of the books are translated into Braille and the prices of the e-readers are very high, above US $2,000 (more than R $6,900).

One of the highlights is the affordable price of the wearable Dot, compared to other devices. The gadget goes out for US $300 (about R $1,036, in direct conversion) and the pre-sale will be released still in 2015. The market is still limited, but there is already a version of mobile for blind, with popular price launched by the British company OwnFone. Another option is the special virtual keyboard for visually impaired, the app IBrailler notes for IPads.

Via Fingerson, Engadget

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