Install Already on Your Android Wear The OTA: Interactive Screens, Translator and Together, Wi-Fi in LG G Watch R

Update (27/08/15): Available the OTA for the bike 360.
Update (24/08/15): Available the OTA for ASUS ZenWatch.
Update (22/08/15): Available the OTA for Samsung Gear Live.

The new version of Android Wear that brings to watches interactive clock screens, mode Together, Google translate and the support The LG Watch R G Wi-Fi is already coming via OTA watches these days.

If you don’t want to wait for the latest version of Android Wear you can manually update the OTA. At the moment the OTA is available for download for the LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, LG Watch Urbane and Sony SmartWatch 3.

Manually install the update OTA

  • Bike 360: LCA44B from LDZ22O
  • LG G Watch: LCA43 from LDZ22D
  • LG G Watch R: LCA44B from LDZ22D
  • LG Watch Urbane: LCA44B from LDZ22D
  • Samsung Gear Live: LCA43 from LDZ22J
  • Sony SmartWatch 3: LCA43 from LDZ22D
  • ASUS ZenWatch: LCA43 from LDZ21T

To manually update we need to have installed the Android SDK and the following steps:

  • Download the file us appropriate update our device and current version.
  • Save the zip file in the folder Platform-tools the Android SDK.
  • Activate the options of Development options our Android Wear: settings > about, and press seven times on “build number”.
  • Activate the Debug ADB: Settings > development > debugging ADB > Yes
  • Connect the watch to the computer by USB through its base load or by Bluetooth if we activate the option debug in development options Bluetooth.
  • Open a command window on the computer and inside the folder Platform-tools write ADB reboot-bootloader to enter to the bootloader. Accept the cleansing in the clock display.
  • Entering the Recovery Mode playing virtual keys that appear on the clock.
  • Android icon with an exclamation point when touching the screen.
  • Select apply update from adb by sliding the finger with a gesture it down go down option.
  • Writing instruction from the terminal or command prompt window from your computer ADB sideload next to the name of the update.

Once installed the update just have to restart the device by selecting the option restart and sliding the finger towards one side of the screen. This process will leave the device updated to respecting our data since it is what I would do the OTA automatically.

Interactive clock displays

  • 21 applications with interactive clock displays