Instagram Update Brings New Colour And Retro Filters

More creativity with Instagram: Facebook sent an update that brings the application of two new tools that your images can be even more diverse edit its popular photo – and video-app.

Update of April 10, 2015, 11:43 Uhr: Android users the new functions since the update to version 6.19.0 in the open, since April 7 in the Google play store for downloading there. Now also iPhone users of Instagram, the new filters may make use, version 6.10.0 for iOS is now available in the app store.

More colors or maybe a nostalgic look, like in the good old days? As read on the official blog of the Instagram currently is, the app now has two new functions. “Fading” and “Color” this hot and give you the opportunity to make photos more individual. The “fade” function can be via sliders reduce you the saturation, so that the respective photo Gets an old and pale look.

Instagram Update Brings New Colour And Retro Filters

Instagram: Update Brings New Colour Diversity

With the “color” function, you get, however, the ability to colorize your photos in different shades. Also, shading and highlights can be so color stand out. The colours yellow, Orange, red, pink, purple, blue, cyan and green are available.

In contrast to the last update Instagram of this time it took much less time, to integrate new features into the app. Last there new photo filter for the app in December 2014, before recession prevailed for almost two years. All the more gratifying that four months after the last update already again an update takes place.