Instagram: Register Multiple Accounts In Ios App Possible

At last! Instagram can use multiple accounts simultaneously. First users of iOS version of the photo app can login with multiple accounts at the same time and quickly between them back and forth.

Instagram Register Multiple Accounts In Ios App Possible-1

Instagram eliminates a major annoyance. So far one could apply only to a user account in the photo app. Who cared for more than one account, had previously repeatedly off and login – or use several smartphones. So that seems finally to be coming soon. At least the makers report of app Latergram in her blog that first users of the iOS version of Instagram can log on at the same time with multiple accounts.

Available So Far Not Yet Available For All Users

The new function in the iOS app of the journalist Jess Goodwin is noticed. The corresponding menu item hiding at the bottom in the settings of the application between the “Clear search history” and “Logout”.

Already in November Instagram tested the simultaneous application in the beta version of its Android app several accounts. The tests however still don’t seem to have satisfied the developer, because in a final version for all users it hasn’t yet delivered multiple sign.

Instagram Register Multiple Accounts In Ios App Possible-2

We keep our fingers crossed that not only all iOS users quickly get the update by Instagram, but that soon also Android users with multiple accounts can log on. At least, it would facilitate maintaining the CURVED Instagram accounts.