Instagram Is Testing of Up to Ten Photos in Phase Beta Albums

Instagram is slowly turning a social network where you can share a single photo in much more. In recent times we have seen the arrival of the video, the Stories, the live video and now we would be about to see the arrival of the photo albums.

Several users are reporting a new way to share photos on Instagram allowing Select several photos gallery instead of one. You can then edit each picture separately and share it, although for now the application does not do the last step correctly.

An experimental function, for now

Until you throw open Instagram to share your vacation photo album you should know that this function seems to have appeared randomly Instagram 10.7.0 version users.

Although it is possible to select up to ten photos that you want to share a blow and edit them satisfactorily, Instagram albums is by now so experimental, that the application closes whenever you try to share your creation. Everything indicates that the function was not yet ready to be activated.

In any case, this serves as notice that photo albums could become officially Instagram in the near future. How change will the operation? How will these albums be displayed? At the moment it is still soon know it, so we will wait to see if this function passes the experimental phase and goes to production.