Instagram Invites to a Mysterious Event

Instagram invites press to a mysterious event that maybe pointing towards the physical print, chat function or Snap chat response.

Instagram invites you to a press event, but exactly what the event is all about is not known. The invitation has been sent to selected media on physical pressure, on paper, other media have gotten the invitation printed on wood.

On various websites to upload its Instagram pics and get printed on paper, glass, wood and other materials. When the invitation is sent, we can therefore speculate about the physical event will display an update of Instagram app that makes it possible to buy prints of his pictures.

Since the event is up to Christmas, a printed image will be perfect as Christmas cards or to/from the card.

Lack of chat function and countermeasure against Snap chat

But when you look at the competitors Facebook and Snap chat, there is especially a thing there springer in the eye and it is Instagrams to lack of chat function. So it can also be physical event invitation is a teasing disguise where Instagram will launch chat.

In the invitation says also “Share a moment” and it might be able to point in the direction of the opposition to the Snap chat where you send a picture private and when the recipient sees the image, it will be deleted after the view.

What exactly will show with Instagram event, follows up on the mobile site today.