Instagram 6.12 for Android

The popular social network’s photos Instagram not to be left behind with respect to his rivals who come stomping very VSCO Cam, and that is why, after more than two years without adding filters, added today five new filters in its new update.

In the new version Instagram 6.12 for our Android devices found that the filters Slumber, cream, Ludwig, Jamae and Perpetua It will enable us to subtly change the colors of our photos.

Instagram 6.12 It also changes the way to show the list of filters, showing in each image filter a blurry preview with the effect applied to make us easy to choose the perfect filter for our photo.

Also this version for the first time allows us to manage our filters, whether to hide those filters that do not like us or to sort them and put the top our favorite filters. They can be managed from the filter editor by dragging them or from the administrator section that is located at the end of the list of filters.