Inspiration of the Day: Tulle Skirt!

Discover Amazing Ways to Use Tulle Skirt in Today’s Post!

Hello, Wonderful!

I love doing posts giving tips to use parts in several ways. I believe every woman turns the clothes you wear with your style and personality, so I try to bring different ways to use a same piece.

Today’s post will have fewer tips, but more inspirations, because I’m going to talk about a glamorous piece, made to shine. It’s the tulle skirt!

The tulle is a fabric that has returned to fashion with the transparencies, but your classic version is super charming. Come check it out!

Tulle Skirt with Simple Blouse

The tulle skirt is a piece that will draw attention to you. Even in basic looks, as shown above, the tulle stands out and stands out much the woman. So, it is necessary to “hold” the look when you wear a skirt of tulle.

I think the contrast between the tulle blouses and cropped simple creates wonderful and looks out of the ordinary. Regatinhas, spaghetti straps, striped shirts, simple t-shirts and almost any other shirt can be worn with a skirt of tulle.

The tip is to bet in classic colors for the skirt.

Tulle Skirt with Jacket

But it’s not just forming the most basic looks tulle skirt can be used. Tulle Skirts + = leather jacket is pure love! It’s hard not to surrender to this powerful combination.

The skirt brings delicacy, lightness and texture. The texture of the jacket contravenes skirt and this is the coolest of the look. Accessories, big hair and lots of attitude complete this look mara!

Tulle Skirt with Black Total Look

Discrete women can also wear skirts of tulle. Particularly, use a predominantly black look is the most simple, easy and versatile, in my opinion.

But you can ask me: the tulle gives volume to the silhouette? The tulle is bulky at all. To minimize this, choose skirts with few layers of tulle, prefer skirts on the knees and opt for shoes of your skin tone (you don’t have to be high heels).

Tulle Skirt with Romantic Look

If you want to feel like a ballerina, abuse of tulle skirts pretty bulky. The trick is to use a blouse (which can be simple, as in the picture) glued or adjusted to the body. You can bet on a belt to mark the waist and give that super elegant.Use your creativity and enjoy on!