In Future Versions of Android Applications Root Could Stop Working

A future version of Android, whether the 4.4.3, 4.5 or 5.0, could make many root apps to stop working properly, or that is what seems to indicate recent changes made to the source code for Android Open Source Project.

The Chainfire developer have been informed of this change, which prevents many root applications can not extract files or run scripts directly from the partition /data internal memory of our Android devices, causing the majority of applications that require root permissions to become inoperable. These applications root permissions will be.

This amendment is mainly aimed to improve security of our Android devices, to prevent malicious applications from running scripts daninos (malware), but step makes the applications normal root harder work.

Chainfire reports that it seems there is not a single solution so that all root applications function properly in future versions of Android in the event Google apply this change to the operating system. On the other hand it seems that each developer application root will have to find an alternative application root to run again.