Image of The Week: NASA and Android

Today we want to rescue the news of Engadget about the space shuttle Atlantis, so many times we thrilled whenever he began one of his trips and pains to many when he decided to retire, more by economic problems of the NASA (U.S. Space Agency) which by its even more than potential opportunities.

During his last mission, the crew could perform various tasks in the ISS (International space station) and some of them put in running the experiment with the Spheres, they are about the size of a volleyball mini satellites developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of technology), whose functions are managed by a Google Nexus S, accessing it via the WiFi.

According to the words of the NASA, used Android Thanks to its open source and the recent libraries for working with Accessories (ADK), which could have recorded during the past Google I/O. using three Nexus S, each connected to a Spheres and through their WiFi, could send you orders to record videos and collect process data.

They used the Nexus S is the current official phone of Google, with all the latest in Android and reference for developers. Enough of words, we leave you with the official video of the event, where they explain everything in English.

We do not know if Russians, responsible from now on to replenish stocks on the ISS, will accompany his travels with any emblem or product of Android, but it will be for the already iconic videos as this memory.

By the way, does anyone know where it landed the Android?