Image of The Week: If You’Re Impatient to Upgrade Can Lose The Contents of Your Terminal

One of the big news of the week has been making available to the public of Android 4.4, the latest version of Android. As usual, users of the Nexus are the first to receive the update, but it does not mean that it will reach everyone equally.

There is a list of waiting to receive the update via OTA If you don’t want to resort to self install your factory image that has gone, and some are a little impatient. Google has decided to take a passive-aggressive action to frighten the most insistent.

The result is a message that says that as well.

If you come back to check again for the upgrade to Android 4.4, we wipe to your terminal.
Read your mail. You are on the waiting list for our servers

We don’t know if they are serious, but with this message, take better precautions. We hope that if you see someone a message like this to read it and do not risk to lose the contents of the phone