I’m Addicted to You H & M

Your wardrobe? All basic grays or blacks bosses.

    1. Your mantra fashion? Casual and basic. Not live without skinny jeans and white T-shirt.
    2. Ah, then you conceive the only colors are white, black and (sometimes also gray). Match the three fantastic is easy. Your looks are impeccable even when they are completely random.
    3. From  H & M buy shoes too. Not only the dancers but also shoes with high heels. So even if you smash three times after that put cost so little you can throw them without remorse.
    4. “Perfection does not exist, perfection does not exist!”. It is the hammer phrase that you repeat to find a poor consolation to the fact that the policy H & M does not include deliveries to the office. Because?

  1. H & M is for you as a BFF. We will never disappoint, a real safe haven where to find the dungaree dress ceremony.
  2. Do you always escapes the reason for which you receive an avalanche of compliments when you wear the overalls H & M in 5 sizes too big, and you bought it in super balance.
  3. Button down, button up, short sleeves, long sleeves, printed, white… it has an army of H & M shirts in the closet.
  4. You’re ready for anything when H & M launches one of his capsule collection. No matter if risks the beating in the crowd of fashionistas furious, the important thing is accappararsi any piece limited edition that both years necklace 90 Balmain for H & M or the top scuba chic Alexander Wang. And if today your trophies lie forgotten in some remote corner of the forgotten closet is just a small detail.
  5. Your friends now are no longer shopping at H & M as the right pieces you’ve already bought them yourself. (It can always have them pay if necessary). Are you some kind of sect.
  6. What is a V, boat, stripes, minimal, Heig you probably already have all of H & M knitwear collection.
  7. Use as pajamas T-shirts from H & M man. And even if you have no children and do not know any under 18 occasionally make a trip in the baby department to see if there is any T-shirt cute by twelve size L that is you good.
  8. You never get out of the house too early to go to work. You may encounter an H & M (for the case of course) and you want to get as much for a ride. And you know how it ends right?