Ideas Diy for Decorating Your Home, Do It Yourself!

We declare ourselves fans of DIY decoration! Equal will have nobody, you reflejarás your personality in it, give free rein to your imagination and, surely, until you save a little money. All are advantages! And how proud you’ll feel to see it finished? If you also want to experience that feeling, we invite you to put into practice some of these ideas.

The last month, we made a special decoration DIY involving many bloggers of our network very easy. We collect all the ideas DIY made to decorate your home and now you also can do. To what best!

We started with this magnificent idea of Mimo of mommyblogs. It teaches us to tune an old cabinet imitating hydraulic tiles that have been growing in popularity. It consists of putting into practice the technique of decoupage, is very simple. Just you have to follow this step by step!

The Ethereal design blog continues with the transformation of furniture. This time shows us different Ikea hacks, i.e., How to customize furniture low cost of the popular Swedish store. A perfect idea to have authentic designer furniture (designed by you) at one more than reasonable price. In this picture you can see different designs of the same convenient,here you can find more ideas!
Another idea to change the look of our furniture is to use chalk painting, better known as chalk paint. The MOM creative blog teaches us as well which is in this case. Here you can see the transformation! Your old furniture look like new.

From the blog decorate family, show us an idea low cost to make a bathroom mirror. Get a large mirror can be a little expensive, but we can create one large enough putting together other smaller. Look how you can do it!

Another aspect of the DIY is recycling, blog This is another thing taught us all its possibilities. This time he shows us How to make a wooden window to make a rack of rustic style very original. You have to see the before and the after !!

Following the same line to give a second life to different objects, Raquel and their home blog makes us a demonstration of how we can recycle bottles and glass jars. Did you think to throw them away? From now on you will keep them, because you will be very practical for use as small storage solution. Here you can see more designs!

My Blue Chair blog gives us a DIY idea for decorating a child’s bedroom. The flags are fashionable, you can create one of wood like this to decorate the wall and paint it the color you prefer. You can see it in more detail here!

On the blog the corner of the tune , they propose to create a totally customized from an old frame box. With a very detailed step-by-step we will inspire us to make our own creation. You can see how did it here!

DIY ideas may also have its practical function as these bags for clothes you can do you. This proposal is the blog easy decoration help to decorater, which collects four different ideas to make a basket. Here you can see it!

The blog La Charly Scrapería proposes a simple idea to decorate a simple clipboard and convert it into a piece of decoration. You can use it to make lists or reminders. It tells us in this post!

Blog Furnit-U know that ethnic decoration is trend, why teach us how we can transform a simple pot in an original for our wall ornament. You have to see the whole process, insurance that will encourage you to do so!

In Littlekoala addition to the fashion of tropical prints and you show us how you have been a few DIY pads do not need zipper. An easy and economical way to give a new look to our home. She tells us here!

From the blog House that sum, they propose several ideas to take advantage of the walls of our kitchens. Even if you think you don’t have space, you can always find storage solutions with proposals like this. Here more inspiration!

Finally, in the blog Decor & Links, propose us the possibility of making a change at home, but without spending money, with an interior designer’s own ideas! As such this bar to hang clothes with wood and rope. Here is more proposals!

What have you think of all these brilliant ideas? You also bet by decoration DIY at home? You can show us your projects on our site.

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