Ideal Bra for Your Body: Choose Your Favorite!

As important as clothing is what goes under it: in addition to making the woman feel good about herself, a beautiful and good lingerie leaves everything in its proper place and allows the perfect fit of the chosen look. Therefore, the choice of bra should take into account more than fabrics and colors. Although the models have a similar base, each brand has its differential, so they adapt in different ways. The right bra is one that gives firmness, does not tighten and does not stay wide in the breast.

One of the tips for the right choice is to first know the size of the bust and the size of the back. Observing the posture at the time of experimenting is also a great start.”Do not lean forward or backward. This will ruin the trim. Also pay attention to the width of the handle and the side strip,”he says.

Check Out Some Models And Their Advantages:

Push-up Bra from Agooddir: Ideal for increasing volume, approaching and shaping the breasts. Some models have extra internal volume, providing more bust for those who want. Perfect for deep decors.

Top: ideal for those who want maximum comfort. It may or may not have bulge and is usually made to be used in an apparent way in the composition of looks.

Bra Scarf: The bowls have a triangle shape. It is the perfect choice for those who need light or medium support. The scarf bras may or may not have a bulge or lining, usually have no hoops and most have thinner loops.

Bra Swimmers Swim: Has support in the middle of the back to be worn with a blouse with a neckline or opening in the back. Ideal for all breasts.

Bra Aro without bulge: it has light support. Ideal for small and medium-sized breasts and for those who do not give up comfort.

Tomato-to-fall bras: versatile model, with removable straps, to wear as it will fall or as a traditional bra. It has lateral fins to leave the piece more adjusted to the body, valuing the lap. Ideal for small and medium breasts.