Hustler Gives a Helping Hand to the Perverts of Chatroulette

Apparently the staff Chatroulette finally found a solution – the most curious – to solve once and for all the problems of taradões who liked to show their private parts to Estranes in their conversation windows.

In an interview with US magazine New Yorker the creator of the unknown with chat service, Russian Andrey Ternovsky, said his company has signed an agreement with Hustler – traditional publishing educational materials of the highest quality – to redirect taradões to the magazine’s website.

“[Ternovsk] began redirecting users without clothes to the site of hustler and definitely block the chatroulette their machines. Initially he and his colleagues blocked several hundred users a day, but now, he says, the amount of exhibitionists dropped to one or two hundred. And the hustler pays for the extra access “says the text of the publication.

Although finally be solving the problem of morality of your site, it is a question: success for one or two weeks at the beginning of the year, will it still gives Chatroulette time be a successful service for the web?