Huawei Watch Finally Lands on The Market, from Today Starting from 399 Euros

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei It has been another of those who you chose the first day of IFA 2015 to present their innovations, and has also done so hours of noon so we can spend a good evening digesting them.

Its most important launch already filtered this morning, and it is all expected with enthusiasm to the new phablet Huawei Matt S that has finally come accompanied, as also has been presented in Berlin the G8 Huawei aimed at the mid-range. However, most We still wondered what had happened to the Huawei Watch.

As well, Huawei It announces the immediate availability of its clock finally star, a Huawei Watch that is perhaps also the best finish for Android Wear watches but that it had been delayed much since its submission, no definite release date, in the MWC 2015 past at the beginning of March.

A smartwatch that will teach

Well, let’s start by cooling the memory because it’s been several months, and sure that most of you already do not remember credentials Huawei Watch.

We are facing a smartwatch with classic circular design around a metal casing, in which is inserted a AMOLED screen 1.4 inches in diameter and resolution 400 x 400 pixels. The chipset will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz, with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal storage.

The integrated battery is 300 mAh, while sensors battery is completed with a gyroscope, accelerometer, heart rate monitor and Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1 you and WiFi.

Huawei clock probably already Android Wear best finish, Thanks to a steel case 42 mm and 11.33 mm thick, Sapphire Crystal and interchangeable straps. It is a smart watch that we can look at three clores – silver, gold, and black – and with straps of leather or steel, but it is also the most expensive watches with Android.

Huawei Watch, finally in the market

Huawei clock finally lands in the main markets of the Chinese manufacturer, with Spain fortunately between their destinations of launch. The Chinese manufacturer has confirmed in Germany which the clock comes from today all countries indicated in the image below:

Its price puts it as the smart watch with Android Wear more expensive, but also the most customizable and elegant, so their prices between 399 and 699 euros Depending on chosen surely some clothing fit them in their claims, especially if we compare the Apple option and the possibility that gives Android Wear working with iPhone.