HTC Dev, Now Available The Unlock Bootloader of Your Website for Developers

Last week, announced it that HTC It had created a web portal to give technical support to independent developers and users and inform the utilities/code source of your development on OpenSense SDK kit. Until today its Unlock Bootloader section was disabled, but you can already enter, sign up and download the utilities for your computer. It should be noted that although the intentions of HTC are good, the process will not be available to any user inexperienced in the matter, but at least you’ll find (in English) instructions on how to proceed.

The promise of HTC is that their new 2011 terminals (and later) are eligible to this freedom, but at the moment only available its current flagship, the acclaimed HTC Sensation version Europe and non-blocking of the SIM (contract with the operator). So users of us are, at the moment, with eyes like dishes, or waiting for our ‘ dear rescuers ’, the XDA Developers, take in the matter. Also, from the hand of this community, or any other group of developers, will begin to receive ‘ gems ’ well optimized for each terminal from HTC that to release him the bootloader officially, without the need of ‘ going blind ’ and thanks to this new ‘ plan of good intentions ’ HTC, seasoned by all the information that will yield through the portal.

HTC recalls that the problems with the operation of unlock the Bootloader from a terminal they will not be covered by warranty. If you’re going to take the step you don’t read all of the text warning of HTC warranty and at the end tell us your impressions in the comments. Luck with the process!