How Works Tone Analyzer, IBM Tool That Aims to Improve What We Write

Written communication has more presence than ever in our life. The enormous popularity that they have acquired over the past years e-mail and instant messaging has provoked much of us to spend each day long to communicate with other people through texts, to the detriment of oral communication. For this reason, any tool that can help us to write better and more accurately is welcome.

IBM is developing a service that, while strictly not intended to get to write better, can be useful to Polish the tone of our texts and increase their wealth lexical. Tone Analyzer, It is as this application is called, has been designed to analyze the tone of what we write and help us correct it or qualify it, so that we send the message that we have in mind more effectively. And what it returns is the strangest thing.

Tone matters, and much

Find the right tone when we are writing a text is not always easy. However, it is important because it can help us to awaken in the person who reads it, and feelings that we want to convey. What does Tone Analyzer to offer us their support in this field is to analyze our text, Word-to-Word, and categorize it, showing the number of words that conveys concise, kindness, openness, analytical capacity, or negativity, among other options.

The truth is when I started to test this tool I thought that it would be more complex because it hoped to do a semantic minimally sophisticated text analysis, but what it really does is post and organize words into categories. Still, it is interesting because it can help us identify the tone of our texts and qualify it if we believe it necessary by introducing modifications.

And it is the own Tone Analyzer suggests alternatives the words we use to reinforce a particular tone (openness, kindness, etc.), or, simply, synonyms that can come to us well to increase wealth lexical what we write. This tool is currently under development, so for the moment is only capable of analyzing texts in English, but IBM confirms in the documentation that is already working to get that Tone Analyzer can also check texts in other languages, among them surely that the Spanish is.