How to Work with Comfort, Choosing the Right Clothes

You who like to work out in the gym and know that you will be surrounded by men and that you will be in various positions that are a little uncomfortable.know that there are suitable clothes to work out, thinking about the well being and comfort of gym goers, the best legging Is supplex, this is an appropriate tissue because it favors compression and facilitates venous return during exercise.

See the ideal tissues for the practice of exercises:

  • Tred-This fabric is ideal for anyone who already has the body set, it will facilitate body flexibility and also muscular performance.
  • Bystep-This fabric works with supplex and has 88% polyamide and 12% elastane, is a great combination as it does not pinch the skin. This fabric is thermostable, favoring perspiration, and has antibactericidal action.

We separated some models. Look:

Bermuda cyclist

Indicated for those who practice spinning, which is made of Tred, is comfortable and does not hold the knee joint and also does not hamper in muscle performance during the activity.


The ideal is what has cuts, but can also be used the wider model on the sides, this will hide the unwanted greases, the bystep brand are made with the supplex and will ensure compression and support and still will slightly raise the breasts, Perfect huh?


It is ideal to use the regatta made of dry, it is a light and loose fabric that facilitates the perspiration.

Top Bys

It is a top made of supplex, without necklines and will leave you with a more discreet look, this top is indicated for those who have a lot of breast, for those who have large hips and do not want to expose and call attention in the gym is ideal to use parts Which are basic in neutral and dark colors. Regatta with skirt or long regatta is a good option.