How to Work Twice and Be Ten Times Happier

Do you think that it is possible to be happy working 14 hours?… I say yes. But there is a trick (I discovered it on Instagram).

One of the people that I follow, on Monday published a post about the little that you liked on weekends when he was working in an office. For her Saturday was only the prelude to Monday. The end of the workday not glad it. All that meant was the beginning of a new one was closer.

Now his life is very different. It works when it pleases. In your case this means practically always. According to their estimates, it devotes twice as long as before, about 14 hours. We might think that it is somewhat inhuman, but every night will be happy to bed, because you can then continue working a day.

How is it possible? Doing what you really like. In the case of @cyxodol he is weaving. Mostly crochet hats. (You must also say that she is not married or have children yet.)

the 2016 (s) Mar 31 2:00 PDT

But the case of @cyxodol is not unique. A journalist friend told me recently of someone who makes a living doing ship models. Another known left a successful career in advertising to be able To write and also going quite well. The friend of a friend found happiness working as MOM’s day: I love babies and their daughters are already higher.

If we crossed the ocean and reached Brooklyn, the neighborhood hipster by definition, you will find hundreds of former executives who now make custom bikes, distilled gins of author or create independent perfume brands.

Everyone had to assume they will win slightly less, at least at the beginning. But they considered that Exchange money for happiness is good business.

I will say that the things that you like do not give to live. The things that you like to @cyxodol (aren’t crochet hats!). In its niche, as in so many others, There are more people who want to dedicate this to customers willing to pay. So there are more stores of wool and craft stores for crochet hats.

Hence also that so many companies can tell with Fellows who work without charging. Moreover, countries and sectors where they pay for making practices. The young Australians, for example, come to spend up to $ 2,000 to get an unpaid internship.

Ok, How is it done?..

For the “sudden” @cyxodol success they have had to spend five years. During three absolutely nothing happened. Their clients were family and friends. So that makes two, in the spring of 2014, came to the conclusion that his work didn’t interest anyone. That’s why from that moment he was going to make just what you wanted you, what didn’t that customers want. It is when things began to change.

7 Dec, 2015 (s) 10:37 PST

Now it has 26.5 thousand followers on Instagram, teaches, designs and sells patterns, develops accessories for weavers and has even created a special SOAP for washing wool garments. No, it does not live in the us where everything is easier and they have a great culture of entrepreneurship.

If you want to try you also, I propose a simple three point plan:

  • Find something you like. I know that it is not easy. You take years doing what “you”, “allows to pay the mortgage” and “ensures you a future”. Probably not remember what you like. If you want a trick, think about what career you would choose if you were 18 again and the money was not a problem, because you just play the EuroMillions. Do fashion design?… That’s great. Buy a magazine of patterns, fabric and start your first project.
  • Spend a few years. The same that you dedicate it to a college degree, 4 or 5, and with the same seriousness. Sew a dress every 15 days, for example. Perhaps in the end give account which is not what you were looking for. You’re not willing to do it for so many hours. Then it begins again. But with luck you’ll find within this area something you like REALLY. Perhaps you’ll be expert in LBD or pencil skirts.
  • It documents your evolution. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or a blog. Each failure will not be a failure, will be an adventure to tell your followers. For when find that job that makes you happy, that you dedicate you 16 more hours, will also have a public and many of those who follow you will be your first and best customers. Who wouldn’t a pencil skirt made by expert in this garment? For everything else, Inditex.

Can you imagine living in a world in which all do what they are passionate about? Ready to charge less and work more, simply because it makes them happy?…

Can we earn less, but also We will need less. No psychologists, antidepressants, alcohol and the 15th pair of shoes will we need.