How to Wear the Red Dress?

The red dress is simply a classic of feminine dressing. In my view, it is to raise the same level as the black dress. Its impact is so strong that sometimes it’s hard to dare to wear it, especially because we do not know which accessories to pay or what shoes to him the associate. I reveal in this article all my tips to properly wear the red dress.

How to Wear the Red Dress

1) What cut to choose?

According to your figure, you have to direct you to different forms. Note that the red dress is all about summer from SummerDressesStore. But we must find a beautiful red dress :

  • The Material must be pretty well reflect the color
  • pay attention to the details : the beautiful finishes are important! (buttons, seams, fasteners, etc.)
  • the sign means nothing: you can find a zero and a superb red dress from H & M, you may be disappointed with the hue in a upscale brand etc.You just find LA gem.

Also note that all figures should try to choose a simple red dress, classic, with nice detail. The cut must remain sober and classic. In winter, prefer ¾ or long sleeves.

-If you have strong hips over your shoulders, you have a silhouette A, trying to find a dress that is structured top and right or fluid down. A matte material is best, with shoulder pads or puffed sleeves. Avoid pleated low or too large that will accentuate your hips.

-If you have broad shoulders and narrow hips, the better and choose a fluid top or right, and capitalize on low. Choose a pleated or flared dress, a ball gown etc.

-If you have a few curves , opt for a pin-up model: a dress … with a lace detail, or retail sail transparency. Take to the air, and beautiful materials.

-If you are thin or have a morphology aligned with the marked size, choose… what you want! The goal is to add a touch “sexy” to your look: a tight dress, or dress a wide range but with a big belt marking the waist. A mini boat neck dress or a knee length dress with V neck You have the chance of any help to you, so enjoy!

2) How to wear red dress?

The red dress does not need a lot of accessories, it is already a phenomenon in itself (do not try to give it more color, it has to be light itself).

Accessories must blend gently : a gold or silver necklace (thus neutral metal), a nude or mottled gray necklace.. The basic colors are beautiful on the red dress. To properly wear your jewelry, read my article, what jewelry to wear. If your dress is low-cut, opt for a nice pair of earrings and a bracelet.

Note that in terms of colors, the colors red reminders work very well with the red dress. Do not forget to wear red makeup: your lipstick or your nails for example. By cons, do not try to create a massive recall in the red dress is like black and red, it can work if the style is mastered, but if you hesitate, you should avoid because it falls quickly in the vulgar.

3) What tights to match the red dress?

In summer, wear it bare legs of course! Read my article 3 beauty tips out bare legs without complex.

In winter, choose the following colors in terms of tights:

-Prefer the navy blue or gray to black , too hard for red. I do not like red and black together, regardless of its “temperature fashion”! I think the red blends beautifully with navy blue or gray if you want to add dark colors.

-To let the red dress to her show, go for pink tights nude. Yes, nude pink, not flesh. Clear tights, that will make you doll legs! If you do not know where to find them, go to Decathlon dance radius, and opt for a true pink ballerina. You can also opt for fishnet tights flesh. Yes, fishnet! Because the mesh does not scream “I’m bare legs! “It is barely noticeable, she is sexy and subtle and gum magically cellulite by optical effect.

-If you want to wear black… are showing imagination and think outside the box by choosing fantasy. To have a nice range of tights, I invite you to read my article how to choose her pantyhose.

4) Which shoes to choose?

For shoes, go for colors that blend with the red dress without contradicting it: the nude, the camel or navy blue.

If you are in a festive mood, why not try gold or sequined shoes?

In summer prefer sandals with kitten heels or ballerinas, always female, if you do not be tempted by beautiful shoes.

In winter, low boots, heeled boots and oxfords dress your pretty dress with style.

Do you have a flamboyant red dress in your wardrobe? How do you wear?Small final tip: if you are cold, go for a nude cardigan or soft pink, the mixture of these two colors (red and pink) and one of my favorites!