How To Wear Men’s Necklace?

The masculine necklace is one of the most consecrated accessories of the present time. Nothing more natural, after all, it has the power to enhance a basic look and enhance your style (whatever it is) in a unique way.

Anyone who wears necklace can value the look in various compositions, such as the traditional jeans and white shirt, for example, in addition to being the differential in increased visuals.

Motifs do not lack to value the masculine necklaces and you start to use them soon. However, do you know how to use the collars day in and day out in a natural way and matching your style?


In ancient times, necklaces were linked only to women’s fashion, whether with jewelry options or jewelry.

But that’s when we’re talking about fashion. Going back even more in time, necklaces were important objects in different cultures around the world, both for women and men.

There are records of necklaces since the earliest civilizations and it is believed that this accessory was invented even before writing.

The collars were made of different types of materials, such as seeds, stones, teeth and even animals.That is, elements of nature.

In some civilizations, inclusively, the necklace served as identification of the socio-cultural status of the person, who bore his titles and deeds there.

With the passage of time and the valorization of some metals, such as silver and gold, the story was changing and the idea of ​​object of value was being incorporated into the necklaces.

Use of male necklaces

Advancing a few hundred years, as said earlier, necklaces as a fashion object were virtually exclusive to women. The exception, of course, was for collars of religious and family themes .

The crucifixes and scapulars, which continue to have millions of followers around the world, have always been present among men. The difference is that before it was a much used accessory inside the shirts, as if it were a lucky charm.

That is, it was not yet something that was exactly right.

Aah .. of course, there were those silver (or silver-plated) chains that were successful pre-adolescence.Those who have gone through this phase without such a chain can be considered a victor.But we can not even consider fashion as such.

Dog Tag (or military nameplate)

In addition to the crosses and scapulars, another type of necklace became popular among men a few decades ago, and this was directly influenced by wars

The military identification plates, popularly known as Dog Tags, became famous mainly after World War II , but the idea arose during the American Civil War, between the years of 1861 and 1865, when the soldiers sewed the names in the Their own uniforms.

The practice was perfected until the Dog Tags arrived.

This necklace with two metal plaques was created primarily to identify the dead and wounded soldiers.In case of death, one of the plates is in the body of the military and the other with the superior officer.In case of injury, the badge is used to pass on some information about the soldier.

In Dog Tags are vital information about the combatant , such as name, patent, blood type and vaccines taken.

In the 90’s, Dog Tag became a fashion piece , influenced mainly by American rappers.These, even, are great responsible for the use of masculine necklaces.

In the future, Dog Tags will be seen as historical pieces or exclusively fashionable, as there are already advanced searches to create IDs on soldiers through microchips.This was influenced mainly by the robberies of some Dog Tags in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, that ended up being sold in Internet.

Today, it is not so common to see this accessory out there, but there are still some models that have received new versions, as in the image below.

Until a few years ago, it was even difficult to find a male necklace without a cross, scapulary or Dog Tag. I myself only found a few options in Osklen.

That is, if you were not religious and did not like Dog Tags, it was very difficult to find a male necklace that suited you.

But that story has changed, and options are not lacking today. Just give a quick “googlada” to confirm this. The necklaces are increasingly present in the masculine look and are great options to complete the look with style and modernity.

On GradPhysics, there are several necklaces of different types, sizes and tastes. Many different pendants also reflect the lifestyle of people . With so much variety, I bet you will find one that fits you perfectly.

But with so many options, sizes, colors and different pendants, it can be more difficult than one would imagine choosing the right model.

That’s why we’ve put together 6 infallible tips for you to learn how to use this indispensable accessory with your clothes . Check it!

1. Balance is the key word

When buying new necklaces or even choosing from the ones you already have, you need to decide if the model is not too long or has many pendants.

The masculine necklace is a great option to increase , but when it is not thought of strategically it can end up leaving your look overwhelmed, besides fighting with the other pieces that you are using.

Another important point to get the balance is to dosage the amount of accessories . It’s cool to wear more than one necklace, playing with different sizes and styles, showing your creativity, but be careful not to miss a hand.

Remember: women look good with many accessories, as they are already used to it. They spend their entire lives combining earring, necklace, bracelet, bag, etc. We men do not.

Avoid randomly placing all the accessories you find in the front of your wardrobe, such as a cap , bracelets , rings, or sunglasses . Often less is more!

All of these accessories , depending on it, can even match, but avoid putting everything in a hurry before leaving home. Take a look at yourself with the options you have chosen.

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2. Adapt the male collar to your look

Before choosing the necklace , think about which one suits your look better at the moment. Tuning is indispensable .

For example, if you’re looking more casual, opt for fine leather strings with pendants that have a maritime inspiration, such as anchor or rudder.

Maritime inspirations, even, are quite fashionable. The anchor collar (as in the image above) is pumping. This is justified by style and meaning. The anchor represents firmness, endurance and safety.

If your look is more casual and casual, you can wear large necklaces with more sophisticated pendants and more details.

If you make the line more social and with many layers, do not risk: use a simpler model.

3. Avoid overloading the visual

When choosing which necklace you will wear, always keep in mind the harmony of the look.

Accessories are indispensable items to highlight the clothes you choose, evidence body parts and demonstrate your style and personality, but their excess has the opposite effect.

Do not fall into the mistake of wearing a cap , watch, bracelets and everything you see from the front at the same time. Think strategically about how to integrate the masculine necklace into the visual without overwhelming it, and the image you want to pass on to the people around you. Balance is essential!

4. Adapt the masculine necklace to your lifestyle

Today, there are several options of male necklaces on the market. So you’ll probably find one that you find in your face.

The necklaces pendants are reflecting the tastes and way of life of many people.

For example, who is a surfer, there is a necklace with a board. For those who are passionate about music, there are models with headphones and microphones. For those who like fighting, there are models with boxing gloves , as in the picture above.

So, how about looking for a necklace that looks like your face?

Think about what you like to do and your lifestyle and start looking for a pendant that is the symbol of something that represents you.

5. Match your necklaces with t-shirts

Remember the first tip about balance? She’s still here.

Start by separating your t-shirts. On one side the basic ones, and on the other the stamped ones .

Analyze them to learn how to use the necklace as a prominent accessory in the case of simple t-shirts, or as a complement to the look in the case of those with prints.

With basic shirts and t-shirts, use a necklace that will grab attention and be a key piece and the visual differential. You can contrast the items or use multiple collars at the same time.

Avoid contrasting necklaces with stamped parts so as not to accumulate too much information .

When wearing printed tees , create a prominent scale in the visual, leaving the necklace as a complement.It is important that the pendant converse with the pictures, drawings or geometric shapes naturally.The same goes for layered compositions.

Wearing white men’s collars with white shirts is practically right betting. There is not much wrong in this composition and this will give a beautiful highlight to a simple look that every man uses: the famous combination jeans and white shirt .

Even so, this does not mean that necklaces only look good with shirts of a color.Quite the opposite.However, printed shirts require a little more care to match the necklace.

6. Take into account the size of the neck

It is common for many men to buy an accessory because it is cool and interesting, not knowing if that piece really fits your style.This is because they are unaware of a simple rule involving the male neck.

It works as follows: If you have a wider neck, you should avoid using models that are thick or have a very short length, as this further highlights the region.

Those who have the thinner neck will go to the opposite, that is, create volume in this area with longer and thicker items.

Conclusion about male collar

The men’s necklace will give you an extra charm .So do not be afraid to show your creativity.Use models of different sizes and styles, as well as pieces with unique pendants.

So, did you like the post?Do not forget to tell us in the comments what you found and if you have any other questions about how to use the necklace or other accessories!We are curious to know!

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