How To Wear Jeans To Work

When it comes to jeans to work the men who should be in Office always dressed formally already panic and the first idea that comes to mind is them not to wear denim at work in any way.

But it’s not like that, with the exception of professions with extremely strict dress code (case of judges and lawyers, for example), leave the routine and change the slacks for a pair of jeans can be a good one.

Tips To Wear Jeans To Work

We will give some Tips on how to wear a good pair of jeans and still maintain the elegance:

the jeans should be of a uniform tone (as shown in the photos of this matter);

no tears or lighter rinses at certain points of the pants;

Choose a model of straight cut, very traditional, no skinny or baggy pants;

the waist of your pants should be average, fitting well in the hip.

Out the hints concerning the play itself, you should be aware of a few more details:

don’t do combinations of jeans jeans (shirt + pants + jacket or shirt, for example);

prefer the look of jeans with a work blazer on top, he’s the one who will give the serious to your production; see plus size version on

If you prefer something more comfortable, go to sweater, a good model sober on a neutral shirt warm on colder days and didn’t get off the line, although it is a little more casual.


If you want to wear jeans at work even without being the famous Casual Friday please remember that the important thing is not to keep the focus of your production in jeans. In this way, it harmonizes with the other pieces and make up a more formal look and comfortable at the same time, you run the routine at the Office but that doesn’t make his colleagues, or even your boss, look at you strangely.