How to Wear Grey Color

Boost the gray outfit with color thanks to our fashion tips. As chic as black, gray is a great value that will invade your winter and your wardrobe. Male essence, avoid the severe effect of feminizing the gray with the addition of a strong color. Green, orange, pink, purple or yellow, you can afford long to play with bright colors. Consider also the accessories that have vivid colors but be careful to respect harmony. Keep the style. Before going shopping or to build up your outfits with what you already have in your cupboards, follow our tips to associate, without fail, gray with a bright color.


Feminine and retro, this long cardigan in 100% mohair accompany all your dresses, skirts and pants.

Our fashion tip: to avoid the “granny” style, not wear anything with this dark gray vest. Choose the color: a blue dress in wool or satin black for the evening and for a more relaxes but chic style, choose jeans with a small brightly colored sweater. We like the small ring, which emphasizes your waist, close to the vest.


Convenient, warm and mat, we love this sweater armholes bat you will wear with a sub-pull, the cold days or sexier version making him fall on his shoulders.

Our fashion tip: a little stretch pants burgundy, purple or so if you are really a fan, jeans but clear.


A chic and feminine outfit. This gray suit flannel composed of a high waist pants is ideal, according to Itypeusa, for going to the office or for a night long to wear with heels.

Our fashion tip: a little strict and masculine, put femininity to tailor wearing a top with a nice neckline and especially colorful. We love the red or fuchsia pink with gray.


Give smiles to your gray dress made here of baggy trousers and a waistcoat with a colored piece, fashionable and above all original to avoid the effect of “Grandma”.

Our fashion tip: play on lengths your clothes to create a dynamic and color we love here on the green. For the baggy trousers, wear it with boots.


100% romantic, this little dress is worn during the day with tights and boots.

Our fashion tip: bet on the color of tights. Yellow, red, purple, dare bright colors.


Warm and chic, this flannel suit is the right timeless Basque to have in your cabinets.

Our fashion tip: small one, raise your silhouette with heels, two small accessorize with a jumper, scarf and bag, all three colored and small, rely on a super light top but chic!