How to Wear Denim Shirt?

Basic essential of our wardrobe, the denim shirt always accompanies our outfits with style. This summer, it can be worn alone, in total denim lesson.

The denim shirt in the 50s

The shirt jeans always brings a feminine silhouette and elegant whatever the outfit. Jane Fonda has understood. In total denim look trousers with high waist 7 / 8th, it displays a retro chic look.

We like: The feminine masculine style pieces, combined with the casual style of denim that makes all ultra sexy.

The denim shirt for a folk look

At the fashion week in Milan, the shirt is worn as a total look seventies spirit with a flare pants, a long mesh vest and a cape orange folk for a sexy look.

We like: The combination of essential parts in style year 70 , offering a trendy silhouette.

The casual shirt and pencil skirt

Mensshirtsshop knows how to be chic and feminine in total casual look. With his pencil skirts plit, his casual shirt and sandals nude is a faultless for the It-girl.

We like: the denim just break the strict side of the outfit.

The denim shirt Tonal

At Chloé fashion show for spring-summer 2016, the denim shirt is worn in total look with loose jeans XXL fire-floor-and vacation sandals, for an effect combination attendant of trompe l’oeil.

We like the casual spirit of holding associate with chic blue denim.