How to Wash a Padded Jacket

Starts to come the cooler, and you will get a jacket to be needed to keep warm. If you are removing winter clothes and you’ve found your stained padded jacket, it’s time to ask yourself what to do to wash. It is possible that until now had not done any fault, or even pensases that can not be washed. But as almost any garment, one is also can be cleaned, and from we explain how to wash a padded jacket.


  1. Thequilted jackets despite having a filling that protects us from the cold, can be washed without any problem. Just take note of the information that is in the garment label.

There is a cliché that this type of cheap clothing can only be dry cleaned, it is actually not the best way because the chemicals deteriorate much filling.

  1. You can wash your jacketin the washer as long as they do well not to damage it . If your washing machine is not front – loading, better not wash your garment as the stirrer much tissue damage.

And above all, do not overdo it washes, a few times a year is enough, unless it gets dirty.

  1. Towash your padded jacket, and closed up the zipper all the buttons you have. Now turn the jacket and washing machine. You must use cold water , gentle cycle and very little mild detergent.

Use at least three complete cycles clarified so that no soap residue is not left.

  1. Very important thedrying process of your padded jacket. If you can catch moisture you are bad odor and also make lumps.

So it’s best to put the jacket in the dryer for perfect drying. Do low mode and add dry bathroom towels to absorb any moisture during the process.

Whenever a drying process is complete, stir the garment and make sure it has been good but, again putting it in the dryer until it is perfectly dry and caked.

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