How to Use Leggings

The leggings came out of the academies and invaded the streets, shops and ballads around the world. Won new materials, colors and even lengths. But the way to use even cause doubts. “The most important thing is common sense, not to let the visual Vulgaris”, explains the fashion editor Helena Luko , the magazine Vizo.

There are jeans legging, also called jegging pants, with textures, all colors of the Rainbow and metallic, the tracks of dance floors, short and long. Michelle Obama always wears, men are seen wearing the piece in modern places of Sao Paulo and in the winter collections are a constant presence. If you were just the malhadoras or supermodernas who wore leggings, today it is an article of clothing present in wardrobe. Candidate to hit fashion!

Check out a guide of how to use

Day or night?
“You can use either day or night, in various materials,” teaches Helena.

The look superjusto
“Avoid, as well as very daring necklines, always balanced on top,” he says. She gives suggestions for the top. “Looser Shirts, always covering his butt, with shirts, t-shirts, jackets long maxicardigã type or even a little shorter (woollen fabrics suit), blazers kind boyfriend (I think it is superelegante) or even acinturados (with a” podrinha “t-shirt inside is nice), and trench-coat, coats …

“Way that I like and leggings with long shirt and jacket (leather biker style looks great) shorter on top making a counterpoint in proportion,” says Helena.

The fatties
“Should always avoid the leggings opaque and clear, should use in darker colors, preferably black good quality, that will not be transparent. A good tip are these thicker fabric like denim, are more grossinhas and modeled on the body”, teaches.

The shorties
“Avoid those that end up in the middle of the calf, to elongate the silhouette is good to use the longer, almost to the ankle.”

And the shoes?
“An interesting trick to stretch is to use the color of the shoe leggings. I find it more elegant to use with sneakers, heels closed, heavier boots (motorcycles, Doc Martens, abotinados), ankle boots, loafers, oxfords shoes, stylish high-top sneakers disappearing skin and making the tights effect.”
“Also goes well with shoes that cover the legging bar.”

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