How to Use Leather Jacket

Tips for using women’s leather jacket.

The leather jackets from Elaineqho are very traditional, so parts are worth the investment. There are at least three winters they are among the main trends and certainly should continue for a long time. Before that, they have made a huge success in the years 60, 70, 80 and 90. Check out some tips to mount looks feminine leather jaquetinhas using legal:

The jackets were formerly used always in black or brown leather, but now also appear in shades of beige, nude, grey, Navy Blue, green, red, wine, Orange, yellow, gold, silver, copper, among others. They look great both in looks for day-to-day, as for the night.

The dresses and long skirts are also other pieces that fell in the taste of women, so follow strong even in winter. Combine one of the pieces with boots and leather jacket to a stripped-chic look, great for weekend trips or even informal work. The dresses shorts are also nice to the leather jackets. To make the look, bet on pantyhose.

You can also do the most basic combinations, such as jeans, colored denim pants and leggings, mesh so much as with tricôs leather and the leather jackets. The knitting or metallised fabrics with embroidery of pedrarias combine perfectly with the jackets to make a modern and unusual look.