How to Use Hat

In music festivals, in the national and international fashion week and mostly frozen countries that inspire us with your street fashion full of style, one of the trends that we can observe is the use of hats in productions ranging from alternatives to the more modern chic, depending on the final combination. Celebrities from around the world have adopted the style: Olivia Palermo, the singer Fergie and many other RIP whispers of the women with enviable visuals.

They in addition to protect the hair and the face of rain, the Sun and cold, also give more personality and daring to look, and can change it in minutes. But for your visual be absolute success with this accessory is I need to know How to wear a hat. Split up a Visual Guide and tips for you to join the fashion item.

Tips on how to wear a hat

A lot of people say that a hat can be simply put: he shall follow the style of the person and the way she sees the world. Another important factor in when deciding How to use Hat is the occasion. Check out where and which model to choose for each place.

Music festivals and concerts

Alternative festivals, such as fashion shows and events, a Panama Hat, a hat or a cap solved the look depending on the personality of the person and still give a chic, relaxed air, simultaneously.

Formal events

When the event is a more formal occasion, like a wedding, only allowed the use of this accessory if the party takes place during the day. The three most recommended models for this kind of event are the queen made of a material called sisa and with the tab facing up; the capeline, with long, straight and large flaps and the breton who has the tab up and has straight cut. A famous reference to use formal hat and we can inspire is in Kate Middleton looks.

According to your body

We must also remember that this prop does increase the silhouette of a person. So, people with a few pounds overweight should avoid using very flashy models and prefer smaller hats.

Our tip is to visit shopping the online store Pralana, Brazil’s largest hats store, there you can check out dozens of models and acquire without leaving home. How are versatile and timeless items, promise to remain in fashion for a long time.

Liked the tips on How to wear a hat? What is your favorite type? Tell us in the comments.